AS Group Unites Strong Visions from Various Domains

Welcome to AS Group – where the future is being built, financed, powered, and protected. We are a multi-industry leader, pioneering across sectors to forge a world that's more connected, sustainable, and secure.

AS Group stands at the intersection of innovation and practicality. Here, we're turning visions into realities, powering ideas, securing futures, and reinventing finance. Our holistic approach across industries from energy to Fintech illustrates a commitment to not only meet, but exceed, modern challenges.

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Our Group

We combine architectural beauty, innovation, and engineering prowess in diverse projects, including buildings, malls, hotels, and power plants.

As Grup


With years of experience, innovative approaches and care and insistence on keeping up to date, As Grup approaches innovations and changes positively, without compromising quality and safety while producing its projects.

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Sustainability at AS Group
Pioneering a Greener Future

At AS Group, sustainability is at the core of our operations, especially in our energy and financial technology sectors. Our commitment to a sustainable future drives our investments in renewable energy sources and eco-friendly technologies.

Our initiatives in the energy industry demonstrate our dedication to clean, renewable energy solutions. Our investments reduce environmental impact and ensure long-term energy security and efficiency.

In the Fintech sector, Moneyotlia represents our vision of sustainable financial practices. By promoting digital transactions and reducing paper-based processes, we are not only enhancing efficiency but also contributing to a reduction in environmental footprint.

Together, these sectors embody our mission to foster a sustainable, eco-friendly future, making AS Group a catalyst for positive environmental change.

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